Testimonials for Luxury Apartment and Commercial Leasing in Kalamazoo at The Exchange

“Angela has been incredible to work with and accommodated me countless times already for my little needs or questions. Awesome building, awesome staff, awesome views. I’d recommend to anyone with any questions to meet with Angela and you will not be disappointed.” – Tyler Trus

“Phenomenal place to live. I was one of the first residents and would have stayed had I not relocated to another state. Luxury apartments, and hands down the nicest I have been in. Friendly staff and they respond quickly to any issues. Angela was so easy to work with and I would definitely work with her again/live at The Exchange should I ever return to Michigan.” – Michael F.

“I moved here in December 2019 and love being in the middle of downtown. I just renewed my lease. Many nice neighbors here. I now know many of the downtown shop owners on a first name basis and enjoy doing a lot of my shopping just steps away. My two minor service issues were resolved the same day I reported them (frankly, both my fault). I have lived downtown before for years and it is getting better each year. Super high-speed internet service too. The concrete walls make for a quiet experience. I still have not heard any sounds from my neighbors. That is very different from my prior downtown living experiences.” – Ken C.

“Well, where do I start?… I’d rented apartments before in Los Angeles, and one before in Kalamazoo, for context. I was progressing through my 2nd Year of Medical School at WMed, for additional context regarding time sensitivity to noise and unplanned disruptions.

“I’ll cover the actual discrete experience in this review, but if anyone wants my feedback on the early months of the move, when the first tenants moved in, I can provide an extra fill-in write up  as I was one of those original first tenants, and contrary to stories (I myself even heard), things were not bad, at all. But with all respect to other tenants, perspectives do differ on the period.

Regarding the apartment itself, I’ve been here for over a year in the 11th floor, on the south side of the building.

First thing I must say, the view is INCREDIBLE. The building is concrete, which works really well with the design, as can be seen on my video. Everything was brand new when I first arrived, and as of now (September 2020) I think there a few new units left with everything brand new. The dishwasher is great, the dual sink setup in the kitchen is the deepest of any sinks I’ve previously had in an apartment, which made it great for washing my pup when he first arrived. 🙂

The gym on the 14th floor has really come to fruition and offers an array of machines to work on different areas of your body, but what I really like about it are the following: it connects to a lounge right outside leading to the hallway for showers. Massive tv for viewing, and then this area itself connects upstairs to the 15th floor rooftop terrace, which has BBQ for grilling, bar counters for making drinks, low sitting sofa and high-seating seats outdoors. Altogether, I really appreciate the country-club feeling that immediately immerses you once you step off the elevator. Not to mention, there are multiple rooftop terrace yoga classes offered every week!

The exits are well-placed, if you want to go for a walk along either W Michigan, Rose St, or towards the Kalamazoo Mall. Admittedly, the parking structure has a small learning curve as it’s a spiral, so if you’re a reasonable driver (who drives carefully) you will be fine as there’s marking, mirrors, and other guide marks to keep you within the line as you turn. Nothing too bad. But I also want to note that Tenants park on the 5th floor if you want to have secure parking, otherwise parking in the lower floors is allowed as foot traffic/cars have not returned due to ongoing public emergency.

I didn’t really have substantive complaints at the start, but now I fully can confirm, I love what The Exchange has become. Being able to take my dog for walks, and having the secure access for entry and exit, and also having the dedicated delivery room where every carrier associate is provided with a specific code to drop-off any item being delivered for a tenant. Being able to go to the gym at any time, or the rooftop terrace, is a great privilege.

Focusing back on the apartment itself again, the bathroom is also pretty nice, while a little small, I really love the enclosed shower, especially the really well-made shower door. Another perk I really enjoyed is the dual sliding-door mechanism for the bedroom (I think it’s absent in the Studio Unit FYI) The washer and drier are really advanced, which caught me by pleasant surprise.

There is 24hr maintenance for any and all emergencies that may arise. We have direct access to management as well, and the service employees that come up are some of the most respectful people I’ve met, always pleasant.

You do pay for internet and tv, not water and trash (though please confirm if the policy has not changed since then) which isn’t bad.

Yes pets (up to 25 lbs) really, it’s great being on the elevator, always finding someone with a dog, making for (some short but) pleasant elevator convos.

Overall, being familiar with LA (an area of high prices plentiful low-quality units) The Exchange is wholly worth all that it offers.” – Danny G.

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