Packing Tips for Your Move to The Exchange Apartments in Downtown Kalamazoo

In our last blog post, we provided some tips to help make your move easier. In this month’s blog post, we take a look at packing, and discuss some tips and techniques you can follow to help ensure your move to The Exchange apartments in downtown Kalamazoo goes as smoothly as possible.

Use the correct box size and arrangement.

If you have heavy items (like books), you should put them in smaller boxes, while lighter items should be put in larger boxes. This makes it so all of your boxes are easy to carry, not too heavy, and less liable to be dropped. You should also put heavier items on the bottom with light items on top.

Avoid leaving empty spaces in boxes.

If you have spaces or gaps that allow your items to move around in the box, fill them in with clothing, towels, or paper.

Try to keep each room’s items together.

This is just common sense and makes packing and unpacking much easier and more efficient. It’s also a good idea to label each box with the room it belongs to as well as a list, or overview, of the contents inside so that you can more easily keep track of what you have packed.

Make sure you use enough tape.

To make sure everything holds together, especially for heavier boxes, tape the seams and wrap tape around the edges for added durability.

Wrap fragile items and keep them together.

For all fragile items, including dishes and art/picture frames, wrap each one in paper. If you have a set, wrap more paper around the whole bundle. You should also pack your dishes on their side instead of flat and make sure that there is packing paper above and below to provide padding.

At The Exchange apartments in downtown Kalamazoo, we know how overwhelming the moving process can be and hope you have found these tips for packing helpful.